Delivered in meal solutions for meetings – a fresh alternative.

Delivered in meal solutions for meetings – a fresh alternative.

The thankless task of organising a meeting within the offices. This seems like a great idea initially, this course of action will save on travel and delegates are all in one place anyway,  but it does bring issues and one of those is how to offer a quick and delicious lunch time food offer, with little kitchen space and no one dedicated to preparing or serving.

This can be resolved with the various delivered in catering services that specialise in helping business overcome this dilemma.  Many are to be found offering a café site on the various business parks, so can offer a close locale to your site and nearby to avoid traffic problems and late deliveries.

Dayers, Workplace Solutions is one of these companies.

They have carried out research over the last five years and they have noticed that although this is a growing area of demand there has been a definite  shift in how people are buying for these occasions, and the type of food they buy,

Generally there is a short lead in time for delivered in catering solutions for meetings. Sometimes food isn’t ordered until the afternoon of the day before the food is required. This puts pressure on the meeting organiser. Not all suppliers can work within these time restraints but at Dayers they are used to these last minute changes and can accommodate dietary and changes to orders.

Customers like to know that their order has been received and being worked on. Especially if late in the day. Therefore the preferred choice of ordering is either by phone or email rather than on line.

The phone call offers customers a friendly and immediate interaction and they know they are being dealt with. Relationships can develop best this way and the supplier can get to know the preferences of the customer and can also offer immediate advice. Another benefit is that by using the phone for very late amendments, and even out of hours, they know the problem has been dealt with and they are in safe hands.

Similarly the email conversation can offer an immediate solution as discussed above, but also gives a written track of requests and orders.  This works very well during the normal course of ordering, but for those late amendments, the phone is still best.

On line ordering is of course a great solution as well, but perhaps loses some of that relationship development that both email and phone can offer.

What does the meeting goer want for their lunch time treats?

At one time this would have always been  a sandwich offer and then some savouries with cake to conclude the meal. More and more today people are not eating bread and want a healthier option for their midday meal. This will leave them less lethargic and be able to be more focused on the meeting for the afternoon.

There are also a lot more dietary requirements to be taken into consideration and it is now the norm that most deliveries will require some of these.

Menus are therefore written to take the above into consideration. Rather than just sandwich selections, there are breadless offers. Salads, encompassing beans and pulses to make the dish more satisfying. A lot of the options offered are created with the thought that they can be eaten by those with dietary requirements and also for the non- dietary guests too. This is more inclusive and generally offering a healthier option for all delegates.

Meatless options are much more common. Even those of us that do eat meat are happy to give it a miss for health reasons and so again one menu will sort all delegates.

Peach salad. Spinach leaves, arugula, sliced peaches, mango, nuts, feta cheese on white background. Healthy food concept. Fat lay, top view

Of course there needs to be choice, and so usually menus are available that  cover everything from vegan to vegetarian and also including fish and meat dishes.

As well as salads and various lunchtime food items these deliveries are usually also offering a breakfast menus and tea time treats too.

Breakfast choices can include healthy options like yoghurts and fruits but then also pastries and sometimes even hot options like a sausage, bacon or egg muffins.

For convenience food can be served on disposable plates or as an alternative something more permanent like a melamine that looks more like normal tableware. This means that once the  wrapping has been taken off  food is ready to serve.

You will usually find that advice can be given to the service that will best suit your needs. What menu will work and what style of service ware. Speak to your caterer and let them understand what you are trying to achieve and they will offer the solution that best fits your needs.

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