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Restaurant Menu Lunch Menu New menu Jan 18
Please contact your local Dayer's to find out what the specials of the day are.
   Christmas Menu
Join us for your Christmas celebrations with a set or buffet menu.
Delivery & Take Away Menu Delivery and Take Away Menu  New menu Jan 18
Buffet Menu Buffet Menu


Free Range Eggs  - A large farm located in Hampshire that supplies the whole of Dayers with farm fresh free range eggs every week. We know where our eggs come from, we know that they are produced by hens that have room to explore their environment and they are not cooped up in cages.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables - Fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered to each of Dayers restaurants ever single morning of the week. Where possible we try to purchase pesticide free fruits and vegetables. More and more of the produce we purchase is organic and our goal is to be totally organic with all fruits and vegetables in the coming years.

Environmental policies - We only use dolphin friendly Tuna throughout the organisation and never comprise on this fact.

Catering Disposables and Cleaning chemicals - Did you know that our bags are 100% recycled? We support SAVEATREE. The environmentally conscious people out there will also be happy to know that many of our drinks containers are fully biodegradable and compostable offering a full eco friendly product. It is our goal that in the future all disposable products used by Dayers will be fully recyclable or compostable.



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